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Well there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot going on in the Ghoulies universe as of late. I shall update sporadically if and when I find anything of interest. In the mean time, enjoy this cartoon of Ghoulies I found. No idea who the artist is. If it is you, let me know and I’ll credit you ;v)

Is 2013 the year we finally get an HD release of Ghoulies?

Firstly I should say this is purely speculation. But it makes perfect sense.

Have you heard of Scream! Factory? If you haven’t check out their awesome collectors edition Blu Rays of popular and cult classic horror movies via this link Now Scream! Factory is currently releasing news of future releases every Friday via their facebook page. Of which a great deal are old MGM titles from the Empire Pictures days. Titles like The Video Dead and Terror Vision.

I’m thinking it’s only a matter of time before they announce a Blu Ray of Ghoulies and Ghoulies II (likely a double feature). This is where we all come in. I appreciate licensing titles through a large company means you get the transfers straight from the big guys aka MGM. As I said in an earlier post when MGM struck the HD transfer for Ghoulies II (to be shown on the MGM HD channel) they neglected to insert the R rated cut scenes – even though they were on hand. I would think Scream! Factory would try their hardest to get all available footage for their releases, but if they are unaware of the exorcised scenes, this is where we can make them aware.

By simply letting them know about the available elements, or even encouraging them to release the movies in the first place by sending a polite request could mean we have a long overdue Blu ray release.

Here’s a contact link

Let’s get these movies a proper uncut release (BOTH, if possible)

Thanks people!

GHOULIES II – “Fish Ghoulie” Puppet

Hello everyone! A few posts I’ve been meaning to make for sometime this post-Hallowe’en weekend!

Firstly, I recently recieved the completed hand puppet from Ian Frost of Frosty Designs, and it’s a keeper!

The puppet is hand operated from a hole in the bottom, stands about 20 inches tall and has poseable arms and legs. the teeth and eyes are acrylic, and the actual puppet is constructed from latex and poly foam.

You can see the whole gory story on this thread about the construction of the toilet dwelling demon in the link below;

Want one? Conact Ian Frost @

EXCLUSIVE Interview with “Ghoulies” Composer Richard Band

Richard Band has been composing music since “Laserblast” back in 1977.  As well as composing some of the most iconic scores in history with the likes of “Re-animator”, “Puppet Master”, “From Beyond” and “Troll”. Richard has also written an exceptional amount of scores to hit television shows including; “Seventh Heaven”, “Dawson’s Creek”, “Charmed”, “Smallville”, and “Masters of Horror”.

I was so honoured to have Mr Band very kindly answer a few questions about his work with Empire Pictures and his work on his 1985 score to “Ghoulies”.

GhouliesMovies – Was the type of music composed for Ghoulies dictated by the fact that you were using portions of your other scores, and was it a monetary issue that you only composed 15 minutes of original music for Ghoulies?

Richard Band -Yes and no. The fact was that there was practically no budget for the score but we all wanted the biggest bang for the (very small) buck. The thinking was that if we were to create about 15 minutes of new music, (Main Title and other crucial cues) we would then be able to re-use some or part of those cues in other parts of the movie. Also since we would have a small orchestra it would add a lot of class to the movie. I already new that I had an abundance of other music from my other scores that would fit nicely within the movie. In short it was both knowing the style that would work with the film for the new music as well as knowing that I already had a bunch of music that would and could compliment the new score.

GM – Aside from The Alchemist and Parasite were there any excerpts of any of your other soundtracks used for Ghoulies, for example the gothic organ music used during the dinner table scene?

RB – To be honest it’s just too long ago to remember. What I do remember though that the organ music was newly scored for that scene. It is probable that I may have used a couple of cues or so from some other scores. Sorry but it’s just too long ago!

GM – This is a bit of a long shot, but. The original cut for Ghoulies was Rated R. I can only assume you originally scored the fully uncut version. Have you any memories of any cut scenes?

RB – I did score to the original uncut version although I don’t remember what was specifically cut. My recollection is that very very little was cut. Mainly a few shots or so to pacify the ratings board. I don’t believe that any full scenes were cut out completely.

GM – In the closing titles of Ghoulies, it lists the music by yourself and the late, great Shirley Walker. Am I to assume correctly that you composed the original score for Ghoulies and Shirley Walker conducted the orchestra as you were too busy?

RB – Yes and No. Yes in so far that I was much too busy to do everything by myself during that period, but having just previously worked with Shirley on Metalstorm I was so impressed by her that other than just conducting again I also had her co-write a few cues with me.

GM – Was there any reason you didn’t compose the score for Empire Pictures sequel, Ghoulies II. Was it a choice on your part or were you working on something else at the time?

RB – It was both a choice that I made and the fact that I was on two other projects at the time. I did though act as a sort of music supervisor and suggested that my old friend “Fuzzbee Morse” score the film under my direction. I had brought Fuzzbee out here from Miami around 1987-8 and acting as music supervisor back then on a few film projects had him hired for his first score “Dolls”.

GM – You worked on so many Empire Pictures movies, what was the process of scoring films for the company like?

RB – From an artistic stand point I pretty much had complete autonomy. That is not to say that on each project I had to have themes and styles approved, but after having proved myself time and time again there was no trust issues to deal with. I still had to deal with different directors, writers, producers, etc but in almost all cases they were all great to work with. The hardest thing of all that was a pain in the ass was constantly having to fight for larger budgets! Unfortunately over time (with few exceptions) the budgets got worse and worse. There were several cases where I in fact went into my own pocketbook to get the musicians and results I wanted. Having said that it was still a great period where I managed to achieve impressive sounding scores on what were very small budgeted films.

For more information about Richards work, and his online store – where you can purchase some of his scores directly from him – go to

Ghoulies Press Kit

I received my Ghoulies Press Kit today and thought I’d share a few pictures of the stills and packaging.























Below is a clearer Synopsis which is written on the back of the Press Kit.



Synopsis (Not for publication)

Things have turned out a bit rough for Jonathan Graves. But doesn’t the

saying go: into each life, some rain must fall? Okay, so his father Malcolm

must have taken the witchcraft home correspondence course a little too

seriously. And granted, he wanted to plunge a dagger through Jonathan’s

heart when he was a baby. Maybe it was all a misunderstanding. Nobody’s


True, Malcolm went ahead and ripped Jonathan’s mom’s heart out.

But he let the kid slide, didn’t he? Let’s face facts. Not everyone grows up

with a father who likes to barbeque and take his kid to the ballgame

on weekends.

“Ghoulies” is the story of Jonathan Graves, a college student in search of

a link to the past. Raised by an old codger named Wolfgang – who had

spirited baby Jonathan away for his own good some 20 years ago – the kid

has finally come home to the creaky and dusty old mansion he inherited

from his parents. He could us Mr. Clean, but instead he gets assistance

from characters with names like Grizzel and Greedigut.

Jonathan has his work cut out for him and drops out of school, to the

consternation of his girlfriend, Rebecca. The dear lass is offering friendship,

love, and a hot meal, but Jonathan’s own cauldron is cooking up a storm.

Obviously, he hasn’t yet caught on to yuppiedom, and is still hung up on

antiquated pursuits like “finding himself”. Instead of concentrating on

getting an MBA, this is a guy who spemds his time puttering around with

candles and incense in the basement. He has been hitting the books, but

these are the kind one reads out loud, with diagrams to be  copied onto the

floor. The old man would have been proud. Jonathan is gradually turning

out to be a chip off the old block – glowing green eyes and all.

Yes, that old black magic has gotten Jonathan under it’s spell.

And the more he dabbles, the more he realizes it beats Introductory

Accounting. He is on his way to acquiring all the power he needs – and he

isn’t even a registered Republican. Jonathan has found something better

than a microwave oven, a 14-day, 4 event programmable VCR, or a complete

set of genuine ginzo knives. He has something that deep down, all of us

wants but won’t admit to – a menagerie of supernatural varmints to do our

bidding – Ghoulies!

Jonathan’s domestic staff consists of an assortment of these hairy,

slimy, winged, and fanged creatures, who never argue with their master.

These pint-sized trouble-makers will steal for him, kill for him – they’ll even

save his place if he puts his book down when the phone rings. In short, they

are the greatest.

Not enough, For Jonathan is a yuppy in is own way. He must be reading

the right magazines, because he believes in “having it all”. But he needs

even converts to increase his power. He pulls Rebecca and their friends into

his world to participate in rituals that grow increasingly more bizarre. But to

them, this fire and brimstone stuff is all a laugh… a game… a fad. Some

people just have no respect for tradition.