Interesting BTS Photo

I’m not sure what’s more interesting about this photo? The fact that Mr John Buechler is on the set of Ghoulies IV? Or the striking visual of Buechler in his underwear(?) and a bum bag (or fanny pack for you crazy Americans!) to boot!? Regardless, it’s rather comforting to see JCB hugging one of the lamented part 4 Ghoulies! Almost as if it has the blessing from the Ghoulie Master himself, haha! 

Screen Cast Fish Ghoulie

This piece is a full sized replica of “Fish” Ghoulie. Taken straight from Dave Allen’s stop motion puppet, as seen in Ghoulies II. 

Standing at approx 17 inches tall including its shallow base, this is the closest to owning a screen used puppet as you can get. 

John Thomas over at Green Faced Dracula is doing a small run of these. Either pick one up at his site, or in his eBay store.