It’s Competition Time!

 Rabid Weasel Studios has very kindly donated one of their Ghoulish Tales comic book cover’s for a lucky reader of GhouliesMovies! This is a replica of the front and back cover of the Ghoulish Tales comic book seen prominently in Ghoulies Go To College!!

To enter; simply send an email to and tell us your favourite Ghoulies movie! It’s as simple as that! The winner will be contacted when the competition closes. Anyone can enter!

While you’re at it, take a look at Rabid Weasel’s shop here; or search Rabid Weasel Studios on Facebook. 

Competition closes 10th of August.



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Ghoulies Mini Figures!

Over the years, Japan has released small little rubber figures of almost any character you can think of! So you can imagine my joy when I descovered that Ghoulies had got their moment in the sun also!


I picked these guys up from Eric Nilla, who has managed to source many rare Keshi figures and replicate them for us fans. These “Fish Ghoulies” figures are almost gone so I’d contact Eric quickly if you’d like one!