Troll/Troll 2 on BD!

Although Troll 2 has been previously available as a stand alone release, our friends over at Scream Factory are bringing both Troll movies to Blu Ray come November! 

As we’ve said before; Troll has a lot in common with the first two Ghoulie pictures and is a great companion piece to John Buechler’s work on those movies. 

The first 500 copies will also include a DVD copy of the documentary “Best Worst Movie” which covers Troll 2 and its lasting popularity with so bad they’re good movie fans.

Further extras are yet to be announced but I can’t see this release going ahead without SOME input from John (Godfather of Ghoulies) Buechler. 

In the meantime, here’s the Amazon link.

Troll / Troll 2 [with Best Worst Movie on DVD] [Blu-ray]

Buechler’s Troll returns!

In a related story. John Buechler is co-producing and animated remake of his 1986 directorial effort Troll. 

Once touted as the highest budgeted independent movie ever made. It seems Buechler has gone a different route to conjure up further adventures of the original Harry Potter.

Full story below!

It’s Competition Time!

 Rabid Weasel Studios has very kindly donated one of their Ghoulish Tales comic book cover’s for a lucky reader of GhouliesMovies! This is a replica of the front and back cover of the Ghoulish Tales comic book seen prominently in Ghoulies Go To College!!

To enter; simply send an email to and tell us your favourite Ghoulies movie! It’s as simple as that! The winner will be contacted when the competition closes. Anyone can enter!

While you’re at it, take a look at Rabid Weasel’s shop here; or search Rabid Weasel Studios on Facebook. 

Competition closes 10th of August.



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