Glass Doll BD Release Art


Here’s the final specs on Glass Dolls Blu Ray and COVER ART!

Luca Bercovici Intro
“Just ‘cos of the Chick, Man!” An Interview with Luca Bercovici
The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste: an Interview with Scott Thomson
Editing an Empire: an Interview with Ted Nicolau
Audio Commentary with writer/director Luca Bercovici and Jason Andreasson

Plus the cover art is REVERSIBLE with the US 1-sheet art (sans ratings) on the back!!


Just got confirmation from Glass Doll Films of the complete list of Extras for GHOULIES; Here we go!

Feature length commentary with Director/co-writer Luca Bercovici (moderated by film historian Jason Andreasson)

Video introduction with writer/director Luca Bercovici

Editing an Empire: An Interview with Ted Nicolau

The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste: An Interview with Scott Thomson

“Just For the Chick, Man!”  An Interview with Luca Bercovici

Looks like this is shaping up to be THE definitive version of Ghoulies on home video!

Glass Dolls BD Release Info

As listed over a JB HiFi; the extra features on Glass Dolls Ghoulies BD release seem to be as follows.

Special Features
All-New Audio Commentary with Luca Bercovici
New Interview with Director Luca Bercovici
New Interview with Editor Ted Nicolaou

So that’s TWO new interviews as well as the commentary included on 101’s release. I’m told a booklet will be included too! Glass Doll Films do great work on BD covers (there’s a very Grindhouse-y cover for Eaten Alive which is pretty great if you like covers as much as me), so I’ll be interested to see if they use the original release art (which is beautiful anyway) or newly commissioned art.

Watch this space.

More Ghoulies on Blu Ray!


I’ve been informed that both Ghoulies and Ghoulies 2 will be getting a much deserved special edition Blu Ray release in Australia by Glass Doll Films. Per schedule; Ghoulies will be released in July with Ghoulies 2 escaping one month later in August!

The interesting piece of information is that Glass Doll Films commissioned the fantastic commentary from the recent 101 Films release (which 101 Films rather lazily gave no credit for). As I said in a previous post, I wasn’t sure where it came from and as it wasn’t advertised as new, I initially thought it was the commentary previously seen on the Scream Factory release. Upon listening to the track it was evident from the start that this was a much more lively and interesting commentary than the dire Scream Factory one.

The track itself was recorded in Bucharest as well as the intro also seen on 101’s release. But Glass Doll Films also shot a lengthy interview with Luca Bercovici which will be included on their release along with the rest of their commissioned extras. Apparaently 101 Films were not interested in waiting for the rest of these features – which goes some way to explain the lack of effort with both their Ghoulies releases.

Glass Doll Films have also asked for some materials from my collection to help with the release – which not only am I very honoured, but it seems that once again those good folks down under are going the extra mile to give fans the final word on both Ghoulies and Ghoulies 2!

I shall update with new information when it becomes available on this exciting release!

Meanwhile check out their online store and check back for more info!

Glass Doll Films Online Store