Glass Doll Films GHOULIES review!

They tend to say third times a charm, and if you’re looking at a Ghoulies Blu Ray releases it certainly seems the case. About a year ago Ghoulies had its first BD release from US company Scream Factory! (on a a double feature with Ghoulies II). Which was a great inaugural release for the titular monsters on the format. It included a great documentary featuring Charlie and Richard Band, along with Michael Des Barres and FX guy John Vulich. Plus a rather somber and uninspired commentary by a solo Luca Bercovici.

Soon after, UK label 101 Films released their version with a new commentary which wasn’t mentioned on the sleeve or the lazily constructed release itself. After hearing from another reviewer that a new commentary was featured I gave it a listen and was very impressed with the track. Soon after I got an email from Austrailian company Glass Doll Films (whose current releases include a some really cool cult and horror titles) explaining that the track (along with more stuff) was produced for THIER upcoming release of Ghoulies, and that 101 Films had optioned the track for their edition.

Basically Glass Doll Films was releasing Ghoulies with the aforementioned NEW commentary (which Luca recorded in Rome along with moderator Jason Andreasson), and even more new features!!

Well. Finally I have the disc in my claws… I mean hands and what a sight to behold it is.

As well as a nice collectors booklet detailing the history and release of Ghoulies as Empire Pictures first big hitter, we also get a reversible sleeve showcasing a great alternate US poster and the original ghoulie in the toilet that haunted kids poo poo times on the back.

The disc itself has lovingly been designed with a cute little graphic of a toilet popping open when an option is selected. It’s apparent that simply from the packaging and the menu this disc has been labour of love from a company who obvioulsy put a lot into it.

The transfer of the movie is the same MGM master doled out to the previous releases, which is great! And the DTS audio track sounds eerily similar as well. The big draw here – aside from the aforementioned packaging and booklet is the extra features.
The already discussed commentary is fantastic! Detailing the shoot, development and deleted scenes etc which is a BIG improvement on the SF! release. This is a commentary that I’ll be happy to revisit as it’s such an informative and fun listen. Jason Andreasson should definitely moderate more of these (if he hasn’t already) as he’s more than qualified and knowledgeable to goad anyone on a movie that was shot 30+ years ago! Him and Bercovici made a good team and the conversation was free flowing and never dull.

There is a very short introduction by Bercovici  (which also showed up on the 101 release) which is neither here nor there. I doubt it’ll be watched more than once but it’s a nice inclusion. 

The rest of the extras are very cool featurettes. About 20 mins a piece, and are talking head interviews with Director Bercovici, Editor Ted Nicolau, and a Scott Thompson. All are great, informative pieces which don’t repeat or tread on the toes of the info contained in the commentary.

The best being Thompson, who played the requisite stoner Mike. He’s a fun, self deprecating guy who definitely adds another must buy element to the release!

I cannot recommend Glass Dolls release of Ghoulies highly enough. It’s a great release, worthy of adding to anyone’s collection, even to those with a passing interest in 80’s low budget horror. With over 2.5 hours of extras and great packaging this is THE definitive version out there.