The British cult horror label 101 Films have just released Ghoulies and Ghoulies II onto UK Blu Ray and DVD. So let’s get down to business.

Both Ghoulies and Ghoulies II are exactly the same transfers and soundtracks seen on Scream Factory’s US double feature previously – although I did notice a tad more bottom end on the DTS soundtracks. Both films look as good as they ever have (and are ever likely to be). Ghoulies II went straight to video in the UK. But I’d bet this BD trumps the first Ghoulies theatrical release.

Both are beautifully packaged Amaray cases sporting the originally conceived US art (before the toilet) on Ghoulies – which would later be adapted into the Ghoulies go to College video release back in the 90’s. Ghoulies II comes with the classic US poster art we all know and love.

Ghoulies carries over the same commentary from the Scream Factory release but neglects to include any other of the features. An EXCLUSIVE introduction from Luca Bercovici softens the blow but it’s so mercilessly short, it’s almost just another extra to be listed on the back of the box.

Ghoulies II is as barebones as the old dude who fell into the vat of acid in the opening scenes. Even the disc menu seems to suggest a lack of interest too! As it not only doesn’t match the first film – it’s also annoyingly short. Yes it would’ve been great to see an uncut version of Ghoulies II – seeing as the deleted scenes were present on the Scream Factory disc. But either a lack of imagination  OR most likely rights issues prevented that from happening.

Ultimately if you don’t own the Scream Factory disc these are still well worth picking up! The cover art for both movies is worth the bargain price alone. Plus 101 Films has given Ghoulies Movies a promo code you can use at checkout to grab 10% off their order when you follow the link below!!

Grab 101’s Ghoulies before the 23rd of April to get your discount.



Another RARE Photo

Here’s a great photo from the set of Ghoulies (1985).

Mr John Buechler with one of the “Fish Ghoulie” puppets. Ghoulies has often been criticised for the hokey puppets, but the amount of detail on this puppet is amazing. Plus, you can’t deny that the look of these creatures is wholly original and organic.


Interesting BTS Photo

I’m not sure what’s more interesting about this photo? The fact that Mr John Buechler is on the set of Ghoulies IV? Or the striking visual of Buechler in his underwear(?) and a bum bag (or fanny pack for you crazy Americans!) to boot!? Regardless, it’s rather comforting to see JCB hugging one of the lamented part 4 Ghoulies! Almost as if it has the blessing from the Ghoulie Master himself, haha!