Finally picked one of these Statues up on sale at Amazon, and I’m quite impressed.

Its a pretty good size (6 inches from base to top of toilet seat), so its quite a bit larger than the previous statue Full Moon put out, and the Ghoulie itself has a lot more detail because of which.

I should say that I was half expecting a poseable Ghoulie…. you know, one that you could actually pose ie. move the arms and legs etc. But by poseable they actually mean, you can take the ghoulie and place it somewhere else around the toilet. Now, I’ve no idea why you’d want to do this as this little guy has no legs!! Yes, NO LEGS! His body is simply rounded for him to sit in the toilet comfortably.


I’ve gotta say. As usual Full Moon have kid of tricked us with vague advertising. My second complaint is the size of the box. It’s HUGE. So huge that I expected the statue to be at least three times bigger. Yes it says 6 inches on the box, but if I saw this in a store I’d automatically think it was at least double the size.

So okay, not the best advertising. But if you can pick this little guy up cheap I’d say do so. He’s currently on Amazon UK for £15 here or Amazon US for $30 here.

A nice little gift for someone who likes whipping their ghoulies out at Christmas time!

Ghoulish Tales Conjuration


Seeing as the conjuration spell in Ghoulies Go To College is pretty fragmented over the course of the movie, I decided to piece it together for all of you people looking to summon some demons from your very own toilet!

(note; this spell probably won’t work….. not that I’ve tried or anything)

We’ve been going a while!

We’ve been posting for about five and a half years now. For all previous posts since our inception, just keep scrolling down and you’ll see everything! The menu to the side only lists recent posts. I’m in the process of re-uploading old posts to our NEW Facebook page Ghouliesmovies Facebook page Thanks everybody for your interest! Lets keep this place alive.

So who wants to play strip poker?………