Revised 2-Disc Ghoulies Soundtrack


Not long ago I posted a link to a Ghoulies Soundtrack I’d put together here. Well, I’ve doubled the size to include the complete soundtrack to Ghoulies IV plus a few more songs I managed to track down from Ghoulies Go To College. There’s also an extra track from Ghoulies II.

The new download link is below; which includes disc art and newly designed covers.

Ghoulies Motion Picture Score 2-Disc set Download

Rare Ghoulies Photo Surprise!

When something this obvious has been staring me in the face for years I feel a tad foolish haha. I was busy looking at the Photo Gallery on the Scream Factory release of Ghoulies and finally put two and two together.

You remember one of the early poster for Ghoulies? Here it is below…


All the ghoulies we love are on the poster…. but I always thought the hairy blue thing was somehow lost along the way and never featured in the movie. I was SO wrong, and it’s been staring me in the face. You know the slimy ghoulie that breaks out of the clown doll before ripping Donna’s throat out? It’s that hairy blue thing! Don’t believe me? Check this photo out!


Weird, and REALLY cool eh?!